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    Introducing the 2019 Australian Gas Networks Cashback Natural Gas Cashback Promotion…

    For the very first time, we're excited to offer cashbacks direct to customers for installing new natural gas appliances in eligible properties connected to the natural gas network owned by Australian Gas Networks. If your existing build property has recently connected to natural gas for the very first time (or you're in the process of connecting) you could also be eligible for a special once-off $500 connection bonus!

    Want to know more about what's available? Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions or check out our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

    Are you ready to lodge your cashback claim? Click on the banner below to get started.

    If you want to enjoy the many benefits that comes with having versatile, controllable, and reliable natural gas appliances at your fingertips (just as the cooler weather sets in!), now's the perfect time to take advantage of our cashback offers - these are available for a limited time, only!


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